Partnership for Rural King County (PRKC) is a grassroots consortium of neighborhood residents, community associations, non-profits, outdoor user groups and educational agencies dedicated to preservation of rural communities and surrounding lands in eastern King County.


PRKC works within the Snoqualmie Valley and surrounding area in eastern King County to ensure the long-term sustainability of working forestland, farmland, outdoor recreation and biodiversity of our special region.


PRKC Assertions are statements which we believe to be true and which guide PRKC Priorities.  They are:

  • Rural life is compatible with healthy ecosystems and supports healthy living in neighboring metropolitan areas;

  • Local working forests are a critical part of ensuring long-term forest health, maintaining our rural view corridors, ensuring adequate wildlife habitat and protecting our watersheds;

  • Our communities are enriched immeasurably by the presence and availability of local farms and farm products;

  • Outdoor recreation and natural beauty are highly valued in the Pacific Northwest by residents and tourists;

  • Demand on our natural areas, forest and farm land will continue to increase with population growth;

  • Land prices and development pressures will continue to grow at exponential rates;

  • Public/Private partnerships are paramount to realizing our goals;

  • The “value” of any individual property, whether the measure is economic, biodiversity, habitat, etc, both contributes to and is dependent on, the collective health of the region;

  • The sustainable health of the region requires long-range community planning and effort (i.e. several generations from vision to completion).

PRKC Priorities

PRKC Priorities identify our areas of focus and effort.  They include:

  • Conserving working forest lands through encouragement of Sustainable Forestry

  • Supporting and promoting Local Farms, Farm Products and Services

  • Conserving and enhancing local Outdoor Recreation

  • Fostering wide community initiative and commitment to Environmental Stewardship

PRKC is not a land trust or a conservancy. PRKC works with established organizations and public programs to realize protection goals.

The People Behind PRKC

PRKC is made possible by the support, dedication and hard work of our  Board Members and Community Volunteers.  They work together and bring a wealth of professional experience and creative approaches to everything we do.  This team provides expertise in Forestry, Groundwater, Communications, Sustainable Development, Public Policy, Planning, GIS, Land Use Law, Ecology, Education and Project Management.  Click here to learn more about our Board Members.

Contact Us!

Volunteers check our on a weekly basis.  Our mailing address is PO Box 1018, Fall City, WA 98024.

Photo by Alan Bauer.